1938-1946 Chevy Pickup Frame

This is a Bad Influence Hot Rods perimeter frame. These are new frames designed for the 1938 through 1946 Chevy truck cab. This is the frame that allows you to build these cabs low and mean without channeling your truck/pickup body. The only cutting you have to do is for your driveshaft tunnel. The 1932 ford style front crossmember allows the use of undropped ford axle with split wishbones (This is the traditional Suicide style front suspension), or a dropped axle with a spring over front end and hairpins or 4 link can be used. The rear ends are mounted using a 4 link setup which allows for multiple types of rear ends to be used. Frame is totally welded and rear crossmember location is determined by wheelbase. Each frame individually serial numbered for future reference. For more information or to place an order, please:

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Frame 1
Price: $999.99

Optional Motor & Tranny Mounts: $125  each
Optional 4 Link Kit: $399.99